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           Dental Savings Plan



At Hutton Family Dental, Ltd., we are always looking for ways to make our dental practice better for our patients. To make that possible, we offer our own in-office dental savings plan for patients that do not have a dental benefits plan from their employer or for patients who do not have an individual dental plan.


The in-office dental savings plan is available for an annual fee of


                                                                                                                                                                                                            (a 15% savings)

                             The fee includes:

D0120- Periodic oral exam - 2 times per plan year



D0110- Cleaning - 2 times per plan year



D0274 - Bitewing x-rays - 1 time per plan year

All other dental procedures (excluding Invisalign), will be given a discount of

15% off our regular dental fees.


Terms and Conditions

*  The full annual membership fee must be paid in advance of any services.


*  The plan will be in effect for one full year from the date of full annual membership payment.


*  Each additional family membership must be paid at the time of the initial membership or at renewal time.


*  The dental practice retains the right to interpret the program without stipulations.


*  No refunds will be given in the event Member terminates the plan prior to the end of the plan year.


*  This is not an insurance plan and is not subject to regulation by the state department of insurance.


*  No insurance claim will be filed for Members under this plan.


*  The plan is for individual use only. It is not subject to group benefits plan.


*  Membership fee may be adjusted annually.


*  Missed appointment fees/penalties are ineligible for the membership discount.


*  Total payment amount is due at the time services are provided. If full payment is not received at the time of service, fee discount will be        void.

Please call our office with any questions at (815)485-8850.

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