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Photography Gallery

Dr. Frank giving preschoolers a tour of the dental hygiene room.

dental office fieldtrip tour


Before Front View
Bonding before
Before Side View
bonding before


After Front View
bonding after
After Side View
bonding after
spaces before and after
chip before and after
chip before and after
cosmetic bonding before and after
bonding before and after
whitening and bonding before and after


Before Front View of Diastema
Before Front View of Crossbite
crossbite before
After Front View of Corrected Diastema
After Front View of Corrected Crossbite
crossbite after

Dr. Frank and Nathan talking sports!

No cavity club, smiling patient
smiling boy patient

Marianne is cavity free! Yes!!!

3 great check ups for 3 great brothers!

Brothers smiling patients
Smiling boys picture

Happiness is going to the dentist!

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