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Dental Technology

in New Lenox


Hutton Family Dental prides itself on maintaining an office equipped with state-of-the-art dental technologies and a well-trained staff. ViziLite cancer screenings, DIAGNOdent cavity detectors, and digital x-rays are all utilized with patients. The office is equipped with digital technologies and an eco-friendly, paperless database. You can even view your x-rays on large screens found in each of the hygiene rooms, as well as the operatory rooms.

Panoramic digital x-ray

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

Diagnodent cavity detection is an advanced technology that uses laser fluorescence to measure changes in tooth structure caused by cavities. It is a gentle, non-invasive and pain free procedure that can help to preserve the teeth with early detection of decay.

Logicon Cavity Detection

Logicon caries detector software assists Dr. Hutton in the daily task of diagnosing cavities and areas for improvement in your mouth. It is a powerful, computer-aided diagnostic tool that has been clinically proven to help detect up to 20% more cavities on a patient’s permanent teeth than traditional methods alone. This technology helps us to figure out how deep a cavity may be so proper care can be provided as quickly and as efficiently as possible, enabling minimally invasive treatments.



The ViziLite Plus oral cancer screening is a painless exam that Dr. Hutton and his hygienists can perform in just a few minutes. We use a light source that helps to improve our ability to identify abnormalities. This screening service is available to patients, at all appointments, because early detection is the key to survival. Used in conjunction with a routine head and neck examination performed by Dr. Hutton, ViziLite can help save lives.


The acronym CAMBRA stands for “Caries Management by Risk Assessment.” CAMBRA is a technique of assessing caries (cavity) risk and assembling specific dental treatment and restoration suggestions. CAMBRA is minimally invasive and is Dr. Hutton’s standard of care. Dr. Hutton examines risk factors for rapid decay and then makes recommendations based on identified risks. This form of assessment has been proven to reduce decay rates, providing quality dental care with greater predictability.  For more information visit University of California San Francisco.

Digital X-Rays

Hutton Family Dental offers digital x-rays, an important part of a thorough dental examination and a safe alternative to the traditional dental x-rays. Although the radiation exposure from dental x-rays is low, digital x-rays further reduce radiation. They offer the advantages of an 80 percent reduction in radiation, no need for film or processing chemicals, the production of a nearly instantaneous image, and the ability to use color contrast in the image.


Panorex technology is used to take a panoramic picture of your upper and lower jaw. It shows a two dimensional view of a half-circle from ear to ear, but you don’t feel a thing. This technology, along with other digital x-rays, helps Dr. Hutton to keep your smile healthy and clean. All of Dr. Hutton’s patients receive digital x-rays as an important step in preventive dental care.

Cosmetic Imaging

Ever wonder what your perfect smile could look like? Using state-of-the-art digital technologies, Dr. Hutton can help you envision the future for your smile using cosmetic imaging. The process is simple. After taking a photo image of your teeth, we can apply a variety of cosmetic adjustments to whiten or straighten your smile. This process gives you an idea of what services are available and can help you make decisions about your cosmetic dentistry.


From a single tooth to your whole smile, Hutton Family Dental can make over your mouth so that you are confident with the way you look and feel. Call us today to book your appointment and begin the process for a new smile and a new you.

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